What is a VAWT?

A Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - VAWT is a patented, next generation, environmentally friendly, wind generator.

What's the difference? Traditional propeller based wind turbines have several inherent disadvantages, such as noise, susceptibility to cross-winds and the need to control blade speed for self-preservation. A VAWT solves these issues.

The PacWind VAWT

Patented Generator The unique design of the 3-Phase permanent magnet generator features more power output at lower wind speeds.

What are it's other features? The PacWind Vertical Axis Wind Turbines feature totally silent operation, no suseptibility to cross winds, and delivers increased linear power with increase in wind speed over the entire range.

The SeaHawk

Affordable Renewable Energy At a rated median power of 1000 Watts, The SeaHawk is a perfect add-on to your remote site power needs. It comes complete with 3-Phase Rectifier Bridge and controller. Simply mount the turbine, add batteries and cabling, and your station is complete.

The system supports 12, 24 and 48 Volt battery banks with no additional hardware required.


Mounting Kits Complete mounting systems are available from PacWind through many of PacWind's Distributors and Dealers.

Real Time Data

Use these links to see the SeaHawk in action!




Quiet Renewable Energy

The PacWind VAWT systems are environmentally friendly. No Noise or vibration means no upset neighbors and no interference with wildlife! Additionally, there is no danger to birds in flight as the VAWT appears as a solid object to birds so they do not fly into them.

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